OpenAIRE’s sessions in DI4R 2018!

banner savethedate 9 11 october 0OpenAIRE is pleased to announce that will organize three different sessions during DI4R 2018.

The first session is “The Who and the How of Open Science: A user journey in Open Science through the lens of OpenAIRE”, and takes place on Wednesday, October 10, in the main auditorium at 11.30. OpenAIRE will facilitate this session that explores the importance of implementing OS in a range of settings and what the barriers and solutions can be. It will set the scene for good OS practices and give practical examples where OS is being implemented by funders, managers, research administrators in different settings (national, European, institutional).

The second session is jointly organised by OpenAIRE, GÉANT, RDA Europe, EOSC-hub and PRACE about “Building better collaborative national networks to support Open Science”. The appointment is for October 11, at 11.30 in the Auditorium B203 and will provide an interactive session to discuss how to work together and align on a range of activities, from engaging communities to support activities, outreach, FAIR data, training, Open Science, and policy.

Last but not least, “OpenAIRE services for Research Communities” will take place on the same day (October 11), at 14.30 in the Auditorium B203. This session will present the services developed within OpenAIRE-Connect to better serve the Research Communities, showcasing real use-cases from different research domains.

Other sessions where you will find OpenAIRE are:


  • Open Science” on October 9, at 14.15 in the Auditorium JJLaginha with three presentations: “Repackaging OpenAIRE Services” by Pedro Principe, OpenAIRE Coordinator of Support; “The OpenAIRE ScholeXplorer Service: aggregation and resolution of literature-dataset links” and “OpenAIRE Open Science publishing for Research Infrastructures: the EPOS use-case” by Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE Technical Director;
  • Have a CoP of T in our café! on October 9, at 15:15 in Auditorium B203 - a meeting of Community of Practice (CoP) for training coordinators and managers co-organized with EGI, ELIXIR, EOSCpilot, EOSC-hub, EUDAT, FOSTER and GÉANT.
  • EOSC from Theory to Practice” on October 10, at 16.30 in the Auditorium B104, with the joint presentation “Building the EOSC together: The role of eInfraCentral, EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance” delivered by Jelena Angelis, Research Director of the EFIS Centre.
  • The Frontier of Data Discovery on October 11, at 11:30 with a presentation on the OpenAIRE Research Community Dashboard by Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE Technical Director.

OpenAIRE will also be present at the joint booth with the other research infrastructures: come and say hello and ask us for a demo of our services!

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