OpenAIRE signs memorandum with DCH-RP



DCH-RP (Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation) is a Coordination Action supported by the European Commission under the FP7 e-Infrastructure Capacities Programme, to design a Roadmap for the implementation of a federated e-Infrastructure for preservation of DCH content. This Roadmap will be supplemented by practical tools for decision makers and validated through a range of proofs of concept, where cultural institutions and e-Infrastructure providers work together on concrete experiments.

The main objectives of DCH-RP :

• Harmonisation of data storage and preservation policies in the DCH sector at European and global level.

• Promotion of dialogue among DCH institutions, e-Infrastructure providers, research and private organisations.

• Identification of the most suitable models for the governance, maintenance and sustainability of such integrated infrastructure for digital preservation of cultural content.

• Development of the network of common interest for contributing to the ongoing process of setting up the DCH research community

• Development of sustainability strategies for the preservation infrastructure for DCH.

Aim of this Memorandum of Understanding is to evaluate the possibility of DCH-RP  reusing data made available by OPENAIRE, in order to demonstrate how e-Infrastructures can be of benefit for the DCH community, in particular for the preservation of digital cultural content.

OPENAIRE will make available a set of metadata that will be harvested by DCH-RP  to upload them in the e-Culture Science Gateway ( and to use them to test the use of Grid services in the relevant usage


More about DCH-RP:

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