Highlighting our services to better serve our stakeholders

OpenAIRE now has a new section in the Portal to share use cases and best practices on Open Science (https://www.openaire.eu/use-cases), as a result of collecting use case narratives around OpenAIRE's Open Science services offered, targeting several users: researchers, research communities and research infrastructures, content providers, funders and research coordinators.

Our main goal is to arrange a set of noteworthy and valuable experiences, while aligning our services to better answer user's needs, as well as fostering Open Science practices among researchers, where OS policies and the Infrastructures implementation speak the same language.

At the moment we have 5 Use Cases:

​We take the opportunity to challenge the community who use our services to propose use cases, considerable for sharing and creating moments of experience. If you use OpenAIRE services, please share your use case with with Iryna Kuckma at iryna.kuchma[at]eifl.net or Pedro Principe at pedroprincipe[at]sdum.uminho.

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