OpenAIRE is releasing the validation service for CRIS Systems. After the publication of the new OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers, in April will be possible to test the compatibility of DSpace-CRIS Systems against the guidelines through the OpenAIRE Validator service, accessible via Content Provider Dashboard at If validation succeeds the CRIS System can be registered to join the OpenAIRE infrastructure. The CRIS content will be regularly aggregated to contribute to the OpenAIRE Research Graph.

OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers

Interoperability GuidelinesThe Guidelines provide orientation for CRIS managers to expose their metadata in a way that is compatible with the OpenAIRE infrastructure. By implementing the Guidelines, CRIS managers support the inclusion and therefore the reuse of metadata in their systems within the OpenAIRE infrastructure. For developers of CRIS platforms, the Guidelines provide guidance to add supportive functionalities for CRIS managers and users. Exchange of information between individual CRIS systems and the OpenAIRE infrastructure is an example of point-to-point data exchange between CRIS systems, since the OpenAIRE infrastructure is itself a CRIS system.

dspace cris openaire guidelinesSupported by OpenAIRE, 4Science has implemented the most recent version of the OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers in the open-source repository software DSpace-CRIS, which extends the DSpace repository platform by research data and information management. Find out more about the implementation of the OpenAIRE CRIS-CERIF Guidelines in DSpace-CRIS at

Validate your CRIS System using the OpenAIRE Validator service

The OpenAIRE Validator service is used by content providers who wish to register to OpenAIRE and allows them to verify that they are compliant with the OpenAIRE guidelines. The service also checks the quality of implementation of the OAI-PMH protocol. Content providers can use the service after logging into the OpenAIRE Content Provider Dashboard

You can find guidance on how to validate and register your repository in OpenAIRE at

Participate in our community call

You are invited to participate in the upcoming OpenAIRE Community Call for Content Providers on April 1st, 14:30 CET, which main topic will be “DSpace-CRIS for OpenAIRE: implementation of the CRIS guidelines and beyond” and is introduced by 4Science. Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about and also to put your questions to the OpenAIRE Technical Team. Find out more
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