Publications of Project Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability (TAPAS - H2020-SFS-2015-2)

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Title Authors Publication Year DOI Permanent Identifier Publication type Journal Project Name (GA Number) Access Mode
Repeatability, Reproducibility, Separative Power and Subjectivity of Different Fish Morphometric Analysis Methods. Péter Takács; Zoltán Vitál; Árpád Ferincz; Ádám Staszny 10.1371/journal.pone.0157890 Article PLoS ONEPLoS ONE, Vol 11, Iss 6, p e0157890 (2016) TAPAS(678396) OPEN
Shellfish Aquaculture from Space: Potential of Sentinel2 to Monitor Tide-Driven Changes in Turbidity, Chlorophyll Concentration and Oyster Physiological Response at the Scale of an Oyster Farm Gernez, Pierre; Doxaran, David; Barillé, Laurent 2017-05-16 10.3389/fmars.2017.00137 Article HIGHROC(606797); TAPAS(678396) OPEN