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Apr 5, 2023
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OpenDMP software expands

Apr 5, 2023

But what does this mean for ARGOS and other instances?

Just released!
OpenDMP software, i.e. the software that ARGOS is based on, has a new version out (v1.6.1). This version contains new features that enable flexibility on certain DMP actions, new integrations with data services and updates of templates and language files. Here we present what is new and where you can find and use it.

New connectivity features for OpenDMP!
A new Public API is now available, allowing users or other services to access the public DMPs and Dataset Descriptions that are available in the software. Filtering capabilities are offered too. More information about the public API can be found here

Let’s publish FAIR DMPs!
Until now, our publishing mechanism supported the configuration of one repository to close the DMP lifecycle and publish FAIR DMPs. 

That posed limitations to OpenDMP instances, such as PortAberta in Portugal, that are administered by many Universities which have many data services and repositories, each one serving the needs of their own research communities.

We refactored our publishing mechanism to be configured by many repositories. 

To match this new behaviour, we redesigned the deposit button that researchers use to publish their DMPs. The button includes a list of configured repositories that are available by the given OpenDMP instance. Researchers can now choose the repository that is affiliated with their University to deposit their DMPs.

Dataverse is here!
There have been lots of requests for OpenDMP to integrate with DataVerse as it is a commonly used data repository software by Universities and Research Institutes across Europe. The integration is now complete and available to be configured by our local OpenDMP instances, such as Consorcio Madroño wanting to connect their DMPs to datasets available in their DataVerse repository. That means that researchers will have the possibility to publish and prefill their content from Dataverse.

Tired of endless texts?
We introduced tables! Tables are extremely helpful in capturing and organising information. They are concise, comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing. When used in a DMP, they can make the content more approachable and easier to digest by readers.

Even better, this new functionality supports machine actionability! All Admins and Template editors can embed tables in the templates they create/have created where they see fit.

Small changes:
The RSU Template was updated by our colleagues in the Universidad Stradiņš de Riga in order to better adapt to the national policy framework. All Latvian-affiliated researchers can find this template at and use it to create their DMPs.

Our collaborations:
Both the OpenDMP software and ARGOS instance are growing rapidly. ARGOS is already the mandated compliance tool supporting the design and implementation of DMPs for the Open Science policies of the CHIST-ERA consortium and FCT. Besides PortAberta and Consorcio Madroño instances, the OpenDMP software is deployed and progressively connected with other data services and workflows in diverse national Open Science and EOSC ecosystems, such as in Poland with RO-Hub and Greece with HARDMIN.


  • RO-Hub is the Research object management platform built according to the RO-CRATES model supporting the preservation and lifecycle management of scientific investigations, research campaigns and operational processes. 

Check out the presentation of Raul Palma, coordinator of Semantic Technologies in the Network Services division at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, at the ARGOS Community Call in February! 


  • HARDMIN is the academic institutions repository infrastructure of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) collecting, curating, preserving and publishing research data of scientists. It is linked with the National Digital Infrastructures for Research -  HELIX and with pan-European infrastructures for Open Science, such as OpenAIRE.

Join the community!
If you are interested in creating FAIR DMPs and learning more about ARGOS, you can join our community calls which take place every last Wednesday of the month at 14.00 CEST.