The next step in Open Science? Text and Data Mining!


OpenMINTED Tag Color logo smallMaking text and data open for anyone to find and read is an amazing development that can lead to many great possibilities and outcomes for science. One of them is the possibility to mine the text and data. Text and data mining (TDM) is the process of deriving information from machine-read material. It works by copying large quantities of material, extracting the data, and recombining it to identify patterns (Quote by JISC). TDM is often perceived as being too difficult, too technical, and therefore impossible.

With TDM being a powerful tool to discover hidden and new knowledge in existing text and data, and therefore to greatly advance science, TDM should not be impossible!

The new H2020 European project "OpenMinTeD" will be the first to build an infrastructure that makes it much easier to mine, by making existing text mining tools discoverable, interoperable and usable. The infrastructure brings together text and data registries/databases and will develop a standard layer, that makes it possible to easily find text and data from all over the world, and mine it.

OpenMinTeD aspires to enable the creation of an infrastructure that fosters and facilitates the use of text and data mining technologies in the scientific publications world, builds upon existing text mining tools, workflows and platforms and renders them discoverable, through appropriate registries, and interoperable, through an existing standards-based, to the extent possible, interoperability layer. It supports awareness of the benefits and training of the text mining users and developers alike and demonstrates the merits of the approach through a number of use cases identified by scholars and experts from different scientific areas, ranging from generic scholarly communication to life sciences (bioinformatics, biochemistry, etc.) to food and agriculture and social sciences and humanities related literature. It brings together the different stakeholders, content providers and scientific communities, text mining and infrastructure builders, legal experts, data and computing centres, industrial players and SMEs.
OpenMinTeD will train researchers, librarians, text miners, eInfrastructure builders, policy makers and legal advisors on how to use the proposed open mining platform. And, it will provide guidance on legal, policy, technical and organisational issues.

OpenMinTeD will work closely together with FutureTDM, an upcoming H2020 project that will raise awareness about open text and data mining. OpenMinTeD will run for at least 3 years, and started in June 2015.

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For further information, please contact:

Hege van Dijke, Events and Communications Officer at LIBER: hege.vandijke at 
Natalia Manola, Project Manage, Athena Research and Innovation Centerr: nmanola at

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