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OpenOrgs: Curating Research Performing Organisation Affiliations

Join us to learn about OpenOrgs, the OpenAIRE service designed to streamline and clarify data for research organizations' affiliations. This tool tackles the issue of duplicate and unclear records, improving the accuracy of organizational data within the research landscape.

OpenOrgs enhances the OpenAIRE Graph, making data management more efficient for the research community. Our upcoming webinar will cover how OpenOrgs works, its benefits for data management, and introduce our new website. Additionally, we'll explain the role of curators and open the call to participate to our curation sprint. If you have a background in data curation or wish to help clean up research data, we welcome your contribution! Register for our webinar to discover more about OpenOrgs and find out how you can help improve research data quality.


Apr 9, 2024


Androniki Pavlidou



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