Organic Eprints is now OpenAIRE compliant


“This is a benefit for both the users and authors of research results from organic food and farming” says Ilse A. Rasmussen, coordinator of Organic Eprints.

Organic Eprints, the main subject repository for research in organic farming, is now compliant with the OpenAIRE guidelines detailed below. In return, the peer-reviewed results of EC-funded research in organic farming are now exposed to a wider community and the international research collaboration in organic farming will become even more visible through the OpenAIRE portal.

Researchers in organic farming funded by FP7 and ERC will benefit from using Organic Eprints to live up to their grant agreements. Being OpenAIRE compliant, the researcher will only need to deposit once, in Organic Eprints, while OpenAIRE will harvest the data directly from Organic Eprints.

More about the Organic Eprints archive

The Organic Eprints archive is a tool to further develop research in organic agriculture. The main objectives are to facilitate the communication of research papers, to improve the dissemination and impact of research findings, and to document the research effort. In accordance with these objectives the archive is designed to facilitate international use and cooperation.


OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe), a project funded within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), develops a network of open repositories providing free online access to knowledge produced by researchers receiving grants from the European Commission or the European Research Council. The main goal of OpenAIRE is to support the Open Access pilot, launched by the EC in August 2008, and covering about 20% of the FP7 budget.  Researchers from seven thematic areas (Health, Energy, Environment, Information & Communication Technology, Research Infrastructures, Socio-economic sciences & Humanities and Science in Society) are required to deposit their research publications in an institutional or disciplinary open access repository, to be made available worldwide in full text.

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