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11 May 2020

National Open Access Desk

Landspitali University Hospital
  • Overview

    Support and Landscape

    National Initiatives

    The Landspitali Health Science Library and the university libraries in Iceland have supported the development of repositories and promoted Open Access for a number of years. An informal group from these libraries and universities has worked on OA for few years, focusing on addressing OA policy issues, developing the infrastructure/user services and informing researchers. This group has published articles about OA both in Icelandic journals and SciCom info. It has organized and hosted conferences and workshops. This group launched the website which is now hosted and maintained by the National and University Library of Iceland. The steering committe for the Iceland Consortium for National access to academic and scholarly content has also followed closely international developments in OA in order to incorporate OA clauses in it's licences in the future.

  • Open Science Policy

    National Policy

    Even though National Open Science Policies have not been published, OA has already been endorsed through government statements.

    national policy

    Funder policy

    Icelandic Center for Research, Rannís issued an open access policy in 2003 with later amendments. Researchers who receive funding shall make their research finding available either through publishing in OA journals or depositing a pos-print version in repositories. For more, please click here.

    funder policy

    Institutional Policy

    University of Iceland issued a policy in February 2014. Where staff is encouraged to publish articles in open access outlets, such as OA journals, archives, preprint databases et.  For more information please click here. For more about, please click here. See also ROARmap link.

    Reykjavik University issued a policy in November 2014 where academic employees are encouraged to publish scholarly articles in open access and thus make them accessible free of charge and free of licencing restrictions See also ROAR link

    Bifröst UniversityBifröst University issued an open access policy in May 2011 where academic staff is encouraged to publish in open access either by means of open-access journals or open-access archives. The National and University Library of Iceland issued a policy on open access and open science in November 2016. For more information please click here.

    institutional policy

  • Infrastructure & EOSC

    Key networks & Aggregators

    Opin vísindiOpin vísindi, the joint repository for all universities in Iceland was opened in September 2016.

    The scientific publications are openly available (Open Access) in accordance with article 10 from the Act on public support for research / 2003 No 3. The aim of Opin Vísindi is to increase the usage, publicity, and impact of scholarly research produced at Icelandic universities and to further promote scientific research in Iceland.

    OpenDOAR link

    Hirsla repository,, the repository of Landspitali University Hospital was established in 2006. Hirslan is the digital repository for research and scholarly publications of the Landspitali University Hospital faculty and staff. Hirslan also indexes all research articles in Icelandic health sciences journals and provides open access to these articles.

    OpenDOAR link

    Skemman,, is a joint digital repository for Icelandic universities which stores student theses from the universities.

    OpenDOAR link

    national infra

    Data repositories

    National publishing initiatives

    There has not been published a national policy on Open Science in Iceland but OA has been endorsed through government statements in the past.

    National agreements with publishers

    OA books

  • Training & Support

  • Statistics

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