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11 May 2020

National Open Access Desk

  • Overview

    Research in Norway is carried out mainly by Higher Education Institutions, Research Institutes and Research Hospitals. There are currently 10 universities and 22 university colleges in Norway, and some 60+ Research Institutions.

    Research is mainly funded by the Norwegian Research Council, but there are some smaller public and private funding agencies as well.

    All Norwegian research output is reported in the national CRIS-system (CRIS), Cristin.

    Norway is represented in the EOSC Governing Board and the working groups EOSC FAIR, EOSC Architecture, EOSC Rules for Participation and  EOSC Skills and training.

    Norway is participating in the EOSC-Nordic project and OCRE through Géant.

    national overview

    Support and Landscape

    Norway has policies for open access to research articles and research data in place. Read more under the heading Open Science Policy.

    Work is in progress for a national research repository to replace the current landscape of institutional repositories in Norway. The new repository will be closely linked to, and in some cases merge with, the national CRIS-system Cristin. Both the national repository and Cristin is run by Unit. Unit is also the national Open Access coordinator and hosts the national repository aggregator NORA.

    The Norwegian Research Council signed cOAlition S’ Plan S in 2018, requesting that publications on the results from research funded by NCR from 2021 onward be made fully open at the time of publication.

    To support both the national policy and NRC’s Plan S, the Norwegian consortium for licence agreements hosted by Unit has been tasked by Universities Norway to negotiate both transformative agreements and agreements with OA-publishers. The agreements are all registered in the ESAC Registry.
    Norway has adopted national guidelines for Open Access and the Norwegian Research Council has established policies for Open Data.

    national landscape

    National Initiatives

    In 2017 a selection of key Norwegian language journals in social sciences and humanities was flipped to Open Access. A consortium has been established to select and provide funding for journals on a three-year basis.

  • Open Science Policy

    National Policy

    In 2017 the Norwegian government announced their national goals and guidelines for Open Access to research publications.

    The aim of the policy is that all publicly funded research should be made openly available by 2024. To achieve this the Norwegian government has established specific guidelines and measures. For more, please click here

    national policy

    Funder policy

    The Research Council’s Policy on Open Access to Research Data aims to ensure that research data are accessible to relevant users, on equal terms, and at the lowest possible cost. Projects that receive funding from the Research Council are to assess whether the need to draw up a data management plan.
    For more, click here

    The guidelines in the policy apply to all data generated by projects funded by the Research Council – with a few exceptions.
    The principles and guidelines in the Research Council’s policy conform to the National Strategy on access to and sharing of research data.

    Requirements relating to data storage
    As a general rule, R&D-performing institutions themselves are responsible for determining which archiving solution to use. Under certain circumstances, the Research Council is entitled to stipulate storage of data and/or metadata in specific national or international archives.
    In connection with certain relevant projects in the fields of social science, humanities, medicine and health, and environmental and development research, the funding recipient is responsible for archiving data at the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD).
    All projects awarded funding must assess the need for a data management plan. The R&D-performing institution must assess the need to develop a data management plan in relation to all projects awarded Research Council funding.

    The Norwegian Research Council signed cOAlition S’ Plan S in 2018, which states that: “With effect from 2021, all scholarly publications on the results from research funded by public or private grants provided by national, regional and international research councils and funding bodies, must be published in Open Access Journals, on Open Access Platforms, or made immediately available through Open Access Repositories without embargo.”

    funder policy

    Institutional Policy

    All Norwegian universities, and most research performing university colleges, have Open Access policies in place. As well as being aligned with the national policy, they are in general focused on self-archiving and depositing publications in institutional repositories. For more, please click here.

    institutional policy

  • Infrastructure & EOSC

    Key networks & Aggregators

    National Library of Norway. The National Library of Norway is digitizing its entire collection. Digital content no longer covered by copyright shall be made available to everyone in the digital library. The entire digital collection shall be available for research and documentation on the National Library of Norway’s premises. The Library shall otherwise enter into agreements with beneficial owners regarding the right to grant online access to researchers, students and the Library’s users in general.

    NORA – Norwegian open research archives harvests all Norwegian institutional repositories.

    national infra

    Data repositories

    Repositories managing open national data:

    Generic data repositories

    National data repositories are included in Re3Data. However, these repositories and data centers do not exclusively hold and preserve Norwegian content, but they are rather part of European or International infrastructure networks.

    national data repos

    National publishing initiatives

    National agreements with publishers

    OA books

  • Training & Support

  • Statistics

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  • News

    27 May 2019
     On April 23, Elsevier and the Norwegian Unit jointly issued a press release, announcing a two-year pilot agreement on access to research and open publishing. This news took many by surprise since Unit only the month before had announced its decision not to renew their agreement with Elsevier. This decision came after a lengthy period of negotiations and was not made lightly. We quickly got b...
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