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National Open Access Desk

Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical information (SCSTI)
Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical information (SCSTI)
  • Overview

    Since 2013, the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) serves as the National point of reference for the policy of "Open Access and preservation of scientific information".
    In 2015 SCSTI became NOAD for Slovakia.
    In 2016 a Contact Office for Open Access was established at SCSTI.
    In 2017, the OGP Action Plan for years 2017-2019 was adopted.
    Since 2018, SCSTI started with Open Access courses.
    In 2019, the new OGP Action Plan for years 2020-2021 was adopted.
    In 2021 National Strategy for Open Science for years 2021-2028 with its Action Plan (2021-2022) was approved.

    national overview

    Support and Landscape

    The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic is the main body supporting research and development funded from public resources. There are public, private and state operated universities, research organisations (e.g. Slovak Academy of Science - SAS), research institutes and private companies. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport realises the process of evaluation to perform R&D. The certificate for research organisation as result of evaluation process allows to use public resources for R&D.

    Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) is the national information centre and specialised scientific library of the Slovak Republic focused on natural, technical, economic and social sciences. The SCSTI provides several information systems supporting R&D on national level funded by the ministry, i.e. Central Registry of Publication Activities, Central Registry of Theses and Dissertations, Central Information Portal for Research, Development and Innovation and Slovak Current Research Information System (SK CRIS).

    national landscape

    National Initiatives

    Since 2007 SCSTI as provider of SK CRIS system, is member of EuroCRIS, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the development of Research Information Systems and their interoperability.

    In October 2016 was established Open Access working group. It has 27 members from libraries, ministries and SAS.

    In March 2017 "The Action Plan for Open Government in Slovak Republic, 2017 - 2019" was approved by Government of the Slovak Republic.

    In the end of 2019 new "Action Plan for Open Government in Slovak Republic for years 2020-2021" was approved by Government. Main goal of part Open Science is to adopt National Open Science strategy.

  • Open Science Policy

    National Policy

    Since june 2021 Slovakia has National strategy for Open Science (2021-2028) with its Action plan (2021-2022). The National Strategy for Open Science aims to improve the availability of the Slovak science results and change the system of research and evaluation processes towards higher transparency, reproducibility, and integrity.

    The National Strategy covers the following topics:

    1. Open access to publicly funded publications
    2. Open access to scientific data
    3. The technical infrastructure for Open Science
    4. Open Science financing
    5. Protection of intellectual property rights
    6. Usage of existing open IT tools and open data
    7. Open Science education
    8. Evaluation of R&D with principles of Open Science
    9. Citizen Science support

    national policy

    Funder policy

    Institutional Policy

  • Infrastructure & EOSC

    Key networks & Aggregators

    Data repositories

    Open Access repositories in Slovakia can be found here.

    There is ongoing project on setting up national Open Access repository.

    national data repos

    National publishing initiatives

    List of Slovak Open Access journals is available here. 36% of Slovak OA journals can be found in DOAJ.

    National agreements with publishers

    OA books

  • Training & Support

    Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information is organising OA courses for researchers/librarians based on UNESCO curriculum. Course contain 5 topics: scholarly communication process, history and development of open access, rights and licenses, advocacy for open access and open access research impacts.Those who decide to attend exams will recieve certificate accredited from Ministry of Education and are able to train people at their organisation.
  • Statistics

    {include_countrynumber PUB SK} OA publications in {include_countrynumber DATASRC SK} repositories!
  • News

    09 July 2021
    At the beginning of June 2021, The National Strategy for Open Science 2021 - 2028, with its first Action Plan 2021 - 2022, was adopted by the Slovak government (both in the Slovak language are uploaded below, English version of the National Strategy also). The creation of the National Strategy is an integral part of the Action Plan of the Open Government Partnership Initiative 2020-2021. The Slova...
    16 December 2019
    In the mid of November, a new  Open Government Partnership Action Plan​  2020-2021 was adopted in Slovakia, already the forth OGP Action Plan in order. The first one has already been implemented in 2012. The OGP 2020-2021 Action Plan builds on previous action plans. Topics concerning open data, open education, open science, open justice and citizen participation remain represented, only ...
    25 October 2019
    During Open Access week in Slovakia we organized two events. On 22.10 we had webinar "Open science is here for you" on the basics of open science and how to get involved. Around 40 people attended from all over Slovakia.  On 24.10.2019 we organized OpenAIRE workshop "Open Access: its opportunities and challenges" with 4 speakers. During the workshop participants could play a quiz about Open S...
    24 April 2019
    ​In Bratislava on April 11, 2019 we held a workshop on the future of scholarly journals in Slovakia. This was the second time we organized a workshop dedicated solely to Open Access journals. The main goal was to gather Open Access journal publishers and discuss the problems they are facing in Slovakia. The workshop was carried out in English and Slovak.  The mai...
    28 November 2018
     During Open Access week in Slovakia, we organized 2 events – a webinar and our national OpenAIRE workshop. We also provided materials for libraries, which they could download from our website and reuse. The Webinar was held on 23rd October and was about Creative Commons licenses. Around 15 people attended. Our speaker Zuzana Adamová discussed the basics of ...
    29 April 2015
    Over 150 participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia attended a conference “Open access policy of Slovakia in the European context 2015 – current state and perspectives” hosted on 25 March 2015 in Bratislava by the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI), a National Point of Reference for open access (OA), OpenAIRE National OA Desk, and a Key Node...

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