The programme will follow the PCP process of the European Public Procurement Process and will have three phases that follow below. Applicants can read the Prior Information Notice (PIN) here.

  • Phase 0 - Introduction to OpenAIRE, its operations, services, tools and debate sessions where potential applicants can discuss about their ideas, learn if ideas can be feasible, compatible and integratable within OpenAIRE. Feedback can be crucial in this phase, as teams can shape their ideas into best product fit to OpenAIRE and Open Science ecosystem.
  • Phase 1 - Submission and evaluation of ideas (project proposals), best applications proceed. Training material to assist applicants is available in Moodle.
  • Phase 2 & 3 - Phase 1 successful applications are invited to enter this phase and build their prototypes (Phase 2), test, deploy, and at the end integrate (Phase 3) software in OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE PCP timeline AP


Through this PCP process, OpenAIRE will allocate a total budget of €360,000 to successful project proposals shaped into products/services. More specific, once accepted in Phase 1, applicants will receive a flat rate. Only proposals that are evaluated as successful, will enter phase 2&3 and can earn up to €60,000 (in total from all phases)! Applicants and their products will also get recognition and be promoted within OpenAIRE ecosystem. The PCP document is availble for download here. Please read it carefully as it explains all the process.


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