Pensoft Journals now Integrated into OpenAIRE

Pensoft Publishers are the second journal platform to be integrated into OpenAIRE

In collaboration with OpenAIRE, Pensoft Publishers have worked on integrating their journal articles funded by the FP7 funding stream into OpenAIRE to make them even more visible and accessible. 
The integration will also be configured so that publications entering Pensoft's new editorial system can identify FP7 funding programmes, and funding information from each paper will also regularly be harvested. 

About Pensoft:
Pensoft Publishers specialize in academic and professional book and journal publishing, mostly in the field of biodiversity science and natural history. They are also involved as a publisher in several European Union Fp5, FP6 and FP7 projects and Pensoft has specialised in dissemination, communication and publishing within these funding streams.
Pensoft also publishes a number of data papers and OpenAIRE looks forward to future collaboration in this arena of linking publications to data. 
"Pensofaltt supports barrier-free access to science" says Prof. Lyubomir Penev, Managing Director of Pensoft. "Specialising in publishing a number of open access titles, we are delighted that our FP7 publications are now made even more visible and accessible via OpenAIRE. We look forward to  future collaboration, such as making publications from other funding schemes more  visible and accessible."

About OpenAIRE:
OpenAIRE encourages publishers to support authors in open access publishing and dissemination, alert them about the availability of publication funds, allow immediate deposition in open access repositories and – last but not least – to register their journals at the OpenAIRE website. This suitably places publishers within research infrastructures which in turn allowing the seamless integration of European and world-wide research.
OpenAIRE is interested in hearing from any other publishers interested in exposing their content via another information infrastructure. 

More Information:
For more details, see a previous interview at OpenAIRE with Lyubomir Penev of Pensoft:
Copernicus, another open access publisher visible via OpenAIRE:
Birgit Schmidt, Scientific Manager OpenAIRE, 
Najla Rettberg, Scientific Manager OpenAIREplus, 
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