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 The OpenAIRE2020 project

Project n°: 643410
Project type: Research and Innnovation
Start date: 01/01/2015
Duration: 42 months
Total budget: 13 132 500 € (4 mi are targeted towards the FP7 post grant gold OA pilot)
Funding from the EC: 13 000 000 €

50 partners, from all EU countries, and beyond, will collaborate to work on this large-scale initiative that aims to promote open scholarship and substantially improve the discoverability and reusability of research publications and data. The initiative brings together professionals from research libraries, open scholarship organisations, national e-Infrastructure and data experts, IT and legal researchers, showcasing the truly collaborative nature of this pan-European endeavor. A network of people, represented by the National Open Access Desks (NOADs), will organise activities to collect H2020 project outputs, and support research data management. Backing this vast outreach, is the OpenAIRE platform, the technical infrastructure that is vital for pulling together and interconnecting the large-scale collections of research outputs across Europe. The project will create workflows and services on top of this valuable repository content, which will enable an interoperable network of repositories (via the adoption of common guidelines), and easy upload into an all-purpose repository (via Zenodo).

OpenAIRE2020 will assist in monitoring H2020 research outputs and will be a key infrastructure for reporting H2020’s scientific publications as it will be loosely coupled to the EC’s IT backend systems. The EC’s Research Data Pilot will be supported through European-wide outreachfor best research data management practices and Zenodowhich will provide long-tail data storage. Other activities include: collaboration with national funders to reinforce the infrastructure’s research analytic services; an APC Gold OA pilot for FP7 publications with collaboration from LIBER; novel methods of review and scientific publishing withthe involvement of; a study and a pilot on scientific indicators related to open access with CWTS’s assistance; legal studies to investigate data privacy issues relevant to the Open Data Pilot; international alignment with related networks elsewhere with the involvement of COAR.



OpenAIRE Advisory Board

OpenAIRE Privacy Policy (for greek version please click here)

Download the OpenAIRE2020 project factsheet.

Work Packages

The OpenAIREplus project

Project n°: RI-283595
Project type: CPCSA
Start date: 01/12/2011
Duration: 30 months
Total budget: 5 147 060 €
Funding from the EC: 4 200 000 €

OpenAIREplus (2nd Generation of Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) is a 30 month project, funded by the EC 7th Framework Programme, will work in tandem with OpenAIRE, extending the mission further to facilitate access to the entire Open Access scientific production of the European Research Area, providing cross-links from publications to data and funding schemes. This large-scale project brings together 41 pan-European partners, including three cross-disciplinary research communities.The project will capitalise on the successful efforts of the OpenAIRE project which is rapidly moving from implementing the EU Open Access Pilot project into a service phase, enabling researchers to deposit their FP7 and ERA funded research publications into Open Access repositories. The current publication repository networks will be expanded to attract data providers from domain specific scientific areas. Innovative underlying technical structures will be deployed to support the management of and inter-linking between associated scientific data.

Access to and deposit of linked publications via the OpenAIRE portal will be supported by a Help Desk, and OpenAIRE's collaborative networking structure will be extended to promote the concept of open enhanced publications among user communities. Liaison offices in each of the project's 31 European countries work to support the needs of researchers in Europe. The project will also actively leverage its international connections to contribute to common standards, data issues and interoperability on a global level.

Download the OpenAIREplus Detailed Factsheet (.pdf)

Download the project executive report from Zenodo.

The OpenAIRE project

Project n°: RI-246686
Project type: CPCSA
Start date: 01/12/2009
Duration: 36 months
Total budget: 4 953 203 €
Funding from the EC: 4 169 927 €


OpenAIRE aims to support the implementation of Open Access in Europe. It provides the means to promote  and realize the widespread adoption of the Open Access Policy, as set out by the ERC Scientific Council Guidelines for Open Access and the Open Access pilot launched by the European Commission.

OpenAIRE, a three-year project, will establish the infrastructure for researchers to support them in complying with the EC OA pilot and the ERC Guidelines on Open Access. It will provide an extensive  European Helpdesk System, based on a distributed network of national and regional liaison offices in 27 countries, to ensure localized help to researchers within their own context. It will build an OpenAIRE portal and e-Infrastructure for the repository networks and explore scientific data management services together with 5 disciplinary communities. It will also provide a repository facility for researchers who do not have access to an institutional or discipline-specific repository.

Download the OpenAIRE Detailed Factsheet (.pdf)

Coordinators: Michael Hatzopoulos (University of Athens) and Yannis Ioannidis (University of Athens, Athena Research Center)

Scientific coordinator: Norbert Lossau (Goettingen University)

Technical coordinator:Donatella Castelli (CNR-ISTI)

For information please contact the project director, Natalia Manola (University of Athens).