Public review of the OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS managers

OpenAIRE takes an important step towards including CRIS systems 

OpenAIRE, the European open access infrastructure will be harvesting and integrating information, among other sources, from individual CRIS systems around Europe using CERIF-XML as the format for data exchange.

OpenAIRE is a network of repositories, and aggregates content from a wide range of data sources, mainly literature and data repositories as well as from publishers. To date, it delivers access to c.7.5 million open access publications, as well as other research information, such as project/funding and author information.  To enrich this content even further, OpenAIRE plans to gather content from research information sources such as CRIS. 

The Guidelines specifies a common set of metadata to enable better interoperability

At a technical level, OpenAIRE relies heavily on the uptake of its ‘guidelines’ whereby data providers implement a set of common metadata fields, in order to expose and make visible their wide range of content to OpenAIRE. There are three types of guidelines to reflect the content gathered: literature repository guidelines, data archives guidelines and this current draft version of the CRIS guidelines. The more such a common approach is taken, the better future interoperability between research infrastructures will be.

Therefore, specific interoperability guidelines are being specified in the frame of OpenAIRE for CRIS systems, based on CERIF-XML, specifically targeted to the harvesting of CRIS systems by the central OpenAIRE infrastructure.

Stakeholders are invited to take part in the public review

The OpenAIRE CRIS guidelines have been released for public review on the OpenAIRE Guidelines Wiki at

The following material is now available for review:

1. The main OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers based on CERIF XML document 
2. The OpenAIRE CERIF XML Schema 
3. A number of examples of metadata encoded in OpenAIRE CERIF XML for transport as OAI-PMH payload (CERIF_XML_OAI-PMH_examples)

This information, when added to publications and data information in OpenAIRE, can contribute to giving an enriched snapshot of scientific and research output.

The review closes on the 28th March 2014 at 12:00 PM CET

Contact and more information:

More information on the guidelines can be found here:

Mikael K. Elbæk, Senior Project Officer, Technical University of Denmark:  

Najla Rettberg, Scientific Manager OpenAIRE, University of Göttingen:

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