The Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) is the largest Croatian research centre in sciences and science applications. In themulti-disciplinary environment of the Institute more than 500 academic staffand graduate students work on problems in experimental and theoretical physics,chemistry and physics of materials, organic and physical chemistry,biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine, environmental and marine researchand computer science and electronics. RBI has organized infrastructure, whichincludes the largest library in natural sciences in Croatia, computing centre,animal facilities and large number of valuable experimental devices.  

The Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) is theleading library in Croatia in the field of sciences. At the moment, it employs11 people. The RBI Library started to adopt new technologies very early and wasthe first library in Croatia with the official web site in 1994. With thesupport of other academic libraries, Ministry of Science, Education and Sportsand institutions like Croatian University Computing Centre we started severalimportant projects at the national level like "Croatian Sciences Information System" (127 librariesincluded), "Croatian ScientificBibliography" CROSBI(285.000 research papers), "Centrefor online databases" (providing access to databases and e-journals),Who's Who in Science in Croatia (6000 scientists), "HRČAK – portal of Croatian open access journals" withOJS (227 Croatian open access journals), and "Pair of compasses" (repository of scientificequipment in Croatia, still in progress). Those projects areserving whole academic and research community in Croatia. Also we developedseveral services supporting library community like "Web sites for small libraries", "ZIND - Scientific Information On Demand", "EJOL - Electronic Journals OnlineLibrary", etc. In all of our information services as in our daily workwe are strongly oriented towards Open Access Initiative (OAI) aims and goals,using open source software and providing open access services. Recently weintroduced open source library management system KOHA in our regular activitieslike acquisition, classification and cataloguing, labelling and circulation.Library has also started working on project of implementation of the "Digital repository of the RuđerBošković Institute" which will archive whole scientific output of theRBI, as well as its documentary material. So far more than 10,000 oldphotographs, negatives and annual reports of the RBI has been scanned andarchived to the photo gallery and later they will be archived to therepository.

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Jadranka Stojanovski


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