RDA is running a series of calls, in the context of the EOSC Future project, to further enable integration and take up of EOSC services. The purpose of these RDA Open Calls is to engage the community from a bottom-up approach to contribute their know-how to EOSC. The overarching objective of these grants is to enable communities outside of EOSC to leverage EOSC services and the RDA global community mechanisms. 

RDA is looking to contract an individual or an organisation who can provide technical tools to organise and curate, over time, RDA outputs. RDA creates on a regular basis a significant range of outputs, tools, standards, recommendations by its committed, volunteer community which are used by the global research community. These resources need to be maintained over time in order to provide a core service for EOSC and other research commons e.g., standards, code, guidelines, etc.  

Successful applicants will demonstrate an understanding of technical standards, outputs and specifications maintenance facilities and requirements.

Closing date: 15 March 2022 - 04:00 pm CET

Find out what tasks are involved, who can apply and check the criteria and conditions. Click here for more.


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