Landscape of EOSC-related infrastructures and initiatives

Report from the EOSC executive board working group 

Mapping exercise of the existing research infrastructures in Europe which are candidates to be part of the EOSC federation identifies OpenAIRE as a crucial contributor. 

The Landscape Working Group (WG) of the EOSC Executive Board has surveyed and documented the landscape of infrastructures, initiatives and policies across Europe relating to the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).
The report has now been officially published in its final version. It is available for download in the EU Bookshop.

DOC 2This report describes activities in the Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) related to EOSC, summarising existing policies and investments based on input from the MS and AC, the expert knowledge of the WG members and delegates to the EOSC Governing Board, as well as information from Horizon 2020 research projects and from open sources. The work builds on existing surveys and information provided by national authorities, stakeholder communities and the relevant H2020 projects in close collaboration with MS and AC.

The report identifies OpenAIRE as a crucial player - as a valuable network through its NOADs and as a provider of  essential Guidelines and Services (such as ARGOS, Zenodo and AMNESIA).

The EOSC Landscape Working Group is hosting the Final Validation Workshop, organised in collaboration with This invitation-only event is being organized on 28-29 September 2020.

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