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Reporting research outputs using the OpenAIRE API

The H2020 Open Access policy states as mandatory to ensure Open Access to all peer-reviewed publications resulting from H2020 funding projects. Regardless of the fact that the reporting process from project managers could represent a major task, without an authoritative source to ensure how the information about research outputs are collected, gathered and displayed, it would be more difficult to accomplish it successfully.

The OpenAIRE Research Graph is an open resource that aggregates a collection of research data properties (metadata, links) available within the OpenAIRE Open Science infrastructure that can be accessed via API.

As the European Commission requests information about the project research outputs, the OpenAIRE Research Graph represents a reliable source to collect this information and integrate it into the EC Participant Portal, facilitating and improving the reporting process of the funded projects.

The EC Participant Portal is using the OpenAIRE APIs to collect information about publications and datasets resulting from H2020 funded projects, in order to facilitate the reporting process and have a reliable and authoritative source to verify this information.

OpenAIRE research graph logoThe OpenAIRE Research Graph enables developers to realize services for scholarly communication and research analytics. By using the API, you access the OpenAIRE Research Graph, a scholarly communication graph, i.e. a digital space where you can find information about objects of the scholarly communication life-cycle (publications, research data, research software, projects, organizations, etc.) and semantic links among them. To serve developers with different requirements and preferences, the graph is available as a dump published on Zenodo and can be accessed via API.

In practice

How to ensure the link between research outputs and projects?

I) Ensure Open Access to publications

As the OpenAIRE is the authoritative source for the European Commission for H2020 projects, it’s necessary to ensure that the research outputs are properly linked to the project information. Before starting the reporting process to the EC, project managers should ensure the compliance of the following requirements:

  • All peer-reviewed scientific publications arising from Horizon 2020 funding have to be made available in open access. There are two ways to provide open access:
    • Depositing publications in a repository for scientific publications (registered in OpenAIRE) and ensure open access;
    • Publishing publications in an open access journal.

OpenAIRE offers guidance:

II) Link Publications to Projects

Ensuring that all peer-reviewed publications resulting from H2020 funding projects are deposited in an Open Access repository compatible with OpenAIRE, it’s time to verify if publications are properly linked to the project information. 

Through EXPLORE, the OpenAIRE discovery service, is possible to search for publications and projects and verify if the link between them exists as follows:

1. Go to OpenAIRE EXPLORE:
2. Search by project
2.1. Write the Grant Agreement number or the Project Name or the Project Acronym
2.2. Go to the landing page of the project
3. Find publications
In project landing page there’s a set of tools where the user can:
Check if the publications are all identified and related,
- If yes, they will automatically appear in the EC Research Participant Portal;
- If not, user can search by publications in EXPLORE and use the Link functionality to link them to the project;
explore project linking
- If a publication doesn’t appear in OpenAIRE, the user have to make a deposit in a compatible Repository.

The integration with the EC Participant Portal

Accessing the EC Participant Portal, if the project manager followed the previous steps, all the project publications will appear!

In the project page of the EC Participant Portal, project manager will find the publications that have already been reported and those suggested by OpenAIRE. With a simple click a publication suggested by OpenAIRE can be included in the list of officially reported Open Access publications.

ParticipantPortal Curation


Reporting made easy with OpenAIRE:

  • Deposit once and OpenAIRE will facilitate the posting of publications on the European Commission Research Participant Portal, project website and CORDIS.
  • OpenAIRE applies cleaning, transformation, disambiguation processes, and identifies relationships among all research entities: publications, data, software, projects.
  • When a researcher publishes or deposits in Open Access, should use a fully OpenAIRE compatible repository.
  • Use OpenAIRE EXPLORE to find projects and related publications.
  • Use OpenAIRE Link service and associate research results to the project.