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CONNECT - Research Community Gateway

A Virtual Research Environment

What it is?

OpenAIRE Research Community Gateway

Turn Open Science into practice.
Share and link your research results.
Across organizations, across borders.
Customized to your needs.

A Virtual Research Environment
An overlay platform making it easy to share, link, disseminate and monitor all your publications, research data, research software, methods. In one place.

Open Science in action
A time-saving bundle of services for researchers to effortlessly practice open science. An integral part of the European Open Science Cloud.

Customized to your needs
A Gateway with your own brand, rules for aggregation, text & data mining, and presentation. Run by you via a simple, yet powerful backend administration tool.


The Research Community OA CONNECT BGateway is a service which fosters transparent evaluation of results and facilitates reproducibility of science for research communities by enabling a scientific communication ecosystem supporting exchange of research products (publications, research data, research software, methods) and links between them across communities and across content providers.

Benefits for Research Communities

Community-oriented Open Science publishing tools
Scientists can continue using RI services and publishing practices, but, if needed, can find support for publishing/interlinking any kind of products.

Collaborative curation of a community-specific scholarly communication graph
An environment for the community to share, discover, interlink, gather and reuse (reproduce) scientific results. Powered by the OpenAIRE Graph.

Community-oriented reporting and Open Science monitoring
Reporting to funders, development of scientific reward strategies inclusive of all products of science.

What it does?

Researchers can use the Community Gateway to: Search, Deposit and Link research results adhering to Open Science practices.

SEARCH - Discover research products in your community

  • a view of the OpenAIRE Graph configured by experts of your research community who want to help you out with the data and literature deluge

DEPOSIT - Find a repository to deposit your research outcome

  • Deposit or publish your research in Open Access
  • Find the appropriate repository to deposit your research products of any type (publication, research data, research software, other) or to include in your data management plan

LINK - Link your research

  • Help growing the record of research of your community: link your research product with your community, funding, and other research products.

How can I use it?

Go to, find and enter the gateway of your research community

community gateway homepage labeled

How can I Search research results?

Select the Search option and choose which entity you want to search within the Community.

community gateway search research results

How can I Deposit my research results?

Select the Deposit option from the top menu and the Find repository button. Then you can:

  • find repositories and journals to deposit or publish your research results by Datasource type, Compatibility and Country;
  • find the relevant Zenodo communities that have been selected by the gateway curators.

community gateway deposit

Find the appropriate repository or journal

Find the appropriate repository to deposit your research products of any type (publication, data, software, other) or to include in your data management plan. Search and browse for OpenAIRE compliant repositories registered in OpenDOAR, re3data and FAIRsharing. Looking for Open Access journals? Find those that suit your needs among the journals registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and in OpenAIRE.


Find the repository to deposit your research or use the Zenodo communities suggested by the community curators.


Find the Open Access journals that suit your needs among those registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and in OpenAIRE.

How can I link my research results to the Community?

  Note: For this action you have to be a member of the Research Community. On the right side of the Community Gateway page and click on the button “Join”.
As a member of a Community Gateway you can start linking research results to the Community.

Select the menu option: Link > Start linking, and then follow the steps:

1. FIND SOURCES: Start searching Research Results and add them to the Basket to Link

link add link resources

i) Search for research results (search in OpenAIRE results, CrossRef, DataCite or ORCID).
ii) Click the   button to add research results to the Basket

link select products to link


iii) Upload a csv file containing a list of DOIs
Choose the option “Upload a DOI's CSV file” in the Links Basket.

Links Basket
link links basket


Upload a csv file containing a list of DOIs. For each DOI found in the file, metadata will be fetched from CrossRef or Datacite and will be added to your selected research results.

CSV format:
The format of CSV file should be ‘DOI’,’ACCESS_MODE’,’DATE’.
The value ‘DOI’ is required.  Access mode column have values ‘OPEN’,’CLOSED’ or ‘EMBARGO’.
Date column valid format is YYYY-MM-DD and is required when access mode has value EMBARGO.
In case access mode is not available default value is ‘OPEN’.

Once you have selected the research results to link, go to the Links Basket and click the button "STEP 2 - LINK SOURCES TO ENTITIES"

2. LINK SOURCES TO ENTITIES: Select the type of Entity to Link to your sources

link select type of entity to link

i) Select: Communities

As you are linking through the Community Gateway, the Research Community is already selected, but you can confirm or edit it in the tab “Link to” in the Links Basket.


link finish linking


i) Confirm that the links you provided are all correct
ii) Click on the button “CONFIRM LINKING

link confirm linking

Your link it’s successfully finished!

  Additional information

When a new link is visible in OpenAIRE?
There are two cases:

  1. When the research result of the link is already available in OpenAIRE, links will be visible in the portal after the next content provision workflow. The workflow runs every 2 to 4 weeks. More information about the workflow is available in the pages Graph production workflow and Versions & changelog of the OpenAIRE Graph documentation.
  2. When the research results are available in Crossref, Datacite or ORCID the link is immediately available through the portal and the APIs.
Manage “My Links”
All users are able to manage their links in “My Links” page (accessible via User Account options). When users finish linking results, they are able to view the list of links they created. They are also able to delete them.

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions
Community Calls

Are you a Community Gateway Manager in OpenAIRE-Connect? Got questions? Join us and learn more! OpenAIRE is running a series of community calls targeting Community Managers or who would like to be one of them. More information.

Service factsheet

OpenAIRE Services FactSheet CONNECT


Build a Gateway to your community's open and linked research outputs.
Customised to your needs.


Updated date: June, 2023