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Jul 5, 2024

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SciLake's Research Community is Charting New Frontiers with Scientific Knowledge Graphs

Jul 5, 2024

The SciLake project aims to empower researchers and foster a more interconnected, efficient scientific community. It integrates domain knowledge with open Scientific Knowledge Graphs while developing valuable services for specific research areas. SciLake brings together a consortium of 13 partners from 9 different countries. This group comprises partners with expertise in knowledge management and discovery, as well as experts from Neuroscience, Cancer, Transportation, and Energy research who are involved in pilot activities.

Exciting progress is happening with the pilot programs now in full operation. Each pilot has recently issued a press release to share their strides in creating or enriching Scientific Knowledge Graphs that capture valuable knowledge from their respective scientific fields.

The Regional Energy Planning pilot, led by researchers from the HES-SO School of Engineering in Switzerland, is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and interoperability of scientific knowledge to facilitate the implementation of sustainable energy solutions for the Regional Energy Transition.

In neuroscience, the EBRAINS digital research infrastructure is being enriched for better data connectivity with scientific articles and to identify neuroscience research trends and gaps through advanced analytics. This pilot is led by researchers of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure, from the University of Oslo.

The Transport Pilot is working on two use cases, one in Maritime Transport and the other in Cooperative Connected Automated Mobility. The aim is to consolidate existing knowledge and develop innovative knowledge management and discovery solutions for the transport research community. The pilots are led by researchers from the CERTH Hellenic Institute of Transport and the I-SENSE Research Group of the National Technical University of Athens, respectively.

The Cancer Pilot is creating a pioneering cancer knowledge graph focused on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. The objective is to make biological and cancer-related public resources more accessible to the research community, assisting in the discovery of crucial biomarkers for personalized treatment and care. This pilot is led by researchers from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the Centre for Research and Technology in Greece.

Read the press releases:


*SciLake is a project funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe program (grant No. 101058573).