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Receptor residence time trumps drug-likeness and oral bioavailability in determining efficacy of complement C5a antagonists Vernon Seow; Junxian Lim; Adam J. Cotterell; Mei-Kwan Yau; Weijun Xu; Rink-Jan Lohman; W. Mei Kok; Martin J. Stoermer; Matthew J. Sweet; Robert C. Reid; Jacky Y. Suen; David P. Fairlie 2016-04-20 10.1038/srep24575 Article Scientific Reports Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP150104609(DP150104609); Innovations in peptide-based drug design(LP110200213); ARC Centres of Excellences - Grant ID: CE140100011(CE140100011); Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP160104442(DP160104442); Research Fellowship(1027369); Toll-like receptors and innate immunity: genes and pathways regulating infectious and inflammatory diseases(1003470); Small Molecule Modulators of Complement in Metabolism and Obesity(1028423) OPEN