Preliminary assessment for conservation of Pinus cernua (Pinaceae) with a brief synopsis of related taxa in eastern Indochina

L. V. Averyanov; K. S. Nguyen; H. T. Nguyen; D. K. Harder (2015)
Altay State University
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The assessment of a recently discovered Laotian-Vietnamese endemic pine – Pinus cernua (Pinaceae) is presented including new information about species morphology, taxonomy, ecology, distribution, as well as a proposed identification of conservation status according to the IUCN Red List criteria. An annotated list of related pine species known from eastern Indochina also needed updated conservation assessments is provided as well. Four nomenclature combinations – Pinus dalatensis var. anemophila (Businský) Aver., P. dalatensis var. procera (Businský) Aver., P. wangii var. varifolia (Nan Li et Y.C. Zhang) Aver. and P. wangii var. eremitana (Businský) Aver. are proposed.

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