The networked classroom – Socially unconnected

Helleve, Ingrid (2013)
Education Inquiry
By the turn of the century Norwegian educational practice was supposed to be changed through reforms and investment in technological equipment. Supported by research, the aim was to change practice in the direction of learning activities that could support learning understood as productive interactions. Few teachers and teacher educators participated in the discussion of how to use the technology. The focus for this article is student teachers’ attitudes concerning computer-supported classroom practice some years after the reforms. What are their presuppositions, experiences and future expectations? The results show that the traditional classroom practice is carried on and computers are adjusted to already existing teaching and learning activities. Possible effects are discussed.Keywords: student teachers, computers, communication pattern, IRE, productive interactions(Published: 1 June 2013)Citation: Education Inquiry Vol. 4, No. 2, June 2013, pp. 395–412

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