Key Commonwealth Documents: Commonwealth Oral History Project

Moffat, Chris
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A selection of key Commonwealth declarations, statements and reports, compiled as part of the Commonwealth Oral History Project. The project aims to produce a unique digital research resource on the oral history of the Commonwealth since 1965 through sixty oral history interviews with leading figures in the recent history of the organisation. It will provide an essential research tool for anyone investigating the history of the Commonwealth and will serve to promote interest in and understanding of the organisation. Documents compiled here include: 1931 Statute of Westminster, 1949 London Declaration; 1966 Commonwealth Secretariat Act; 1971 Singapore Declaration; 1977 Gleneagles Agreement; 1979 Lancaster House Agreement; 1979 Lusaka Declaration; 1989 Langkawi Declaration; 1991 Harare Declaration; 1994 Victoria Falls Declaration; 1995 Millbrook Declaration; 1999 Fancourt Commonwealth Declaration; 2002 Coolum Declaration; 2003 Report of the Expert Group on Democracy and Development; 2003 Aso Rock Declaration; 2004 Latimer House Principles; 2005 Malta Declaration; 2005 Valletta Statement; 2007 Kampala Declaration; 2011 EPG Report; 2012 Charter of the Commonwealth. Reproduction by translation or reprinting of the whole or of parts for non-commercial purposes is allowed on condition that due acknowledgement is made to the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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