Towards intelligent cities.

Curwell, SR; Hamilton, A; Marshall-Ponting, A; Soubra, S; Vankeisbelck, R
IOS Press
This paper reports on the ongoing IntelCities (Intelligent Cities - IST no. 507860) integrated project, which commenced in January 2004 that seeks to integrate e-governance and e-urban planning. IntelCities is still at a formative stage and the paper seeks to explain the background, the research questions and preliminary design of prototyping studies to be carried out in the cities of Marseille, Siena, Helsinki, Rome, Leicester, Dresden, Berlin and Manchester. These prototypes are to be linked together to demonstrate an integrated open system city platform. The main business opportunities for IST companies and in terms of increased efficiency in e-urban planning are explored. The main outcomes are anticipated, which include a new public asset in terms of a city-wide intelligent information system.

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