Lighting and pedestrian reassurance at night time

Fotios, S.; Unwin, J. (2013)
This article presents the first findings of a novel\ud experiment carried out to determine whether the\ud presence of road lighting contributes to\ud pedestrians’ reassurance after dark, with the aim\ud of recording their evaluation without placing\ud emphasis on lightin\ud g.\ud In 130 of\ud the 210\ud locations discussed in interviews, road lighting\ud was\ud mentioned as a reason for the pre\ud sence or\ud absence of reassurance,\ud a similar frequency to\ud spatial features, less frequent than access to help,\ud but more frequent than familiarity or\ud the\ud presence of threatening other people. These\ud results suggest that road lighting can play an\ud important role in improving reassurance\ud . The\ud method\ud provides more confidence\ud than previous\ud studies because\ud the effect of lighting was not\ud enhanced by obvious cha\ud nges of lighting\ud .

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