An exploration of bullying behaviours in nursing : a review of the literature

Wilson, Janet (2016)
MA Healthcare Ltd
This article explores bullying behaviours in nursing in the United Kingdom and other countries, why it happens and suggests actions to prevent or combat it. Bullying involves intentional and repeated psychological violence humiliating and isolating staff from colleagues. Current literature reports that 20-25% of nursing staff experience bullying behaviour. \ud The main perpetrators are nurses in a senior position to those being bullied and colleagues who are established staff members. Those likely to be bullied are students and new staff members. Bullying can cause distress and depression, with up to 25 per cent of those bullied leaving their jobs or the profession, and have an impact on patient care.\ud Factors contributing to bullying are hierarchical management and employees not feeling empowered. Silence and inaction by managers and colleagues allows this behaviour to continue. A zero tolerance and the addressing of this behaviour clearly and promptly by managers should be instigated. Staff being bullied should be supported by colleagues

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