Evidence-based selection of environmental factors and datasets for measuring multiple environmental deprivation in epidemiological research

Richardson, Elizabeth A; Mitchell, Richard J; Shortt, Niamh K; Pearce, Jamie; Dawson, Terence P (2009)
Springer Nature
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This Environment and Human Health project aims to develop a health-based summary measure of multiple physical environmental deprivation for the UK, akin to the measures of multiple socioeconomic deprivation that are widely used in epidemiology. Here we describe the first stage of the project, in which we aimed to identify health-relevant dimensions of physical environmental deprivation and acquire suitable environmental datasets to represent population exposure to these dimensions at the small-area level. We present the results of this process: an evidence-based list of environmental dimensions with population health relevance for the UK, and the spatial datasets we obtained and processed to represent these dimensions. This stage laid the foundations for the rest of the project, which will be reported elsewhere.

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