On the possibilities of using a brushless doubly-fed reluctance generator in a 2 MW wind turbine

Dorrell, D.; Jovanovic, Milutin (2008)
IEEE Xplore
The paper will put a forward a description of a realistic design for a brushless doubly-fed machine that is of practical value. It takes the form a 4-pole / 8-pole machine aimed for use in a 2 MW wind turbine over a correct speed and torque range. Previous examples discussed laboratory machines and this study takes the outcomes from these studies to formulate a procedure for sizing and designing the machine. The latest design and analysis techniques are used, with practical rotor ducting considered. Control is also addressed in the paper, in particular the assessment of sensorless reactive power control. This paper is aimed at taking the machine from a small-scale laboratory example to consideration as a large-size industrial generation and therefore it represents a step-change in the literature on the machine.

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