Rapid selective separation of americium/curium\ud from simulated nuclear forensic matrices using\ud triazine ligands

Higginson, Matthew A.; Thompson, Paul; Marsden, Olivia J.; Livens, Francis R.; Harwood, Laurence M.; Lewis, Frank W.; Hudson, Michael J.; Heath, Sarah L. (2015)
Oldenbourg Gruppe
In analysis of complex nuclear forensic samples\ud containing lanthanides, actinides and matrix elements,\ud rapid selective extraction of Am/Cm for quantification\ud is challenging, in particular due the difficult separation\ud of Am/Cm from lanthanides. Here we present\ud a separation process for Am/Cm(III) which is achieved\ud using a combination of AG1-X8 chromatography followed\ud by Am/Cm extraction with a triazine ligand. The ligands\ud tested in our process were CyMe4-BTPhen, CyMe4-\ud BTBP, CA-BTP and CA-BTPhen. Our process allows for\ud purification and quantification of Am and Cm (recoveries\ud 80%–100%) and other major actinides in < 2d without\ud the use of multiple columns or thiocyanate. The process\ud is unaffected by high level Ca(II)/Fe(III)/Al(III)\ud (10mg mL−1) and thus requires little pre-treatment of\ud samples.

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