Reexamining evidence-based practice in community corrections: beyond 'a confined view' of what works

McNeill, F.; Farrall, S.; Lightowler, C.; Maruna, S. (2012)
Justice Research and Statistics Association, Inc.
This article aims to reexamine the development and scope of evidence-based practice (EBP) in community corrections by exploring three sets of issues. Firstly, we examine the relationships between the contested purposes of community supervision and their relationships to questions of evidence. Secondly, we explore the range of forms of evidence that might inform the pursuit of one purpose of supervision—the rehabilitation of offenders—making the case for a fuller engagement with “desistance” research in supporting this process. Thirdly, we examine who can and should be involved in conversations about EBP, arguing that both ex/offenders’ and practitioners’ voices need to be respected and heard in this debate.

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