Eksponen Vertex Dari Digraph Dwi-Warna Dengan Dua Loop

Hidayati, Nurul (2012)
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A digraph D in which each of its arcs is coloured by either red or blue is called two-coloured digraph. A strongly connected of two-coloured digraph is primitive provided there are nonnegative integers m and b such that for each pair of vertices u and v in D there is a walk with length m + b, in which m arcs coloured by red and b arcs coloured by blue. Let D is a two-coloured digraph with V (D) = {v1, v2, · · · , vn} for each vk 2 V (D), the vertex exponent of D is the smallest nonnegative integer m + b such that there is a walk with length m + b from vk to each vertex in D. Let D is a two-coloured digraph on n vertex with n 3 and 2 loops, if vk, k = 1, 2, ..., n is vertex of D, this paper will give the general of vertex exponent of D exactly 2n−2 for k = 1, 2, 3 and exactly 2n−5+k for 4 k n. Universitas Sumatera 060803032

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