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Liu, Tao (2014)
Publisher: Royal Society
Languages: English
Types: Article
The constitutive model presented in this article aims to describe the main bio-chemo-mechanical features involved in the contractile response of smooth muscle cells, in which the biochemical response is modelled by extending the four-state Hai–Murphy model to isotonic contraction of the cells and the mechanical response is mainly modelled based on the phosphorylation-dependent hyperbolic relation between isotonic shortening strain rate and tension. The one-dimensional version of the model is used to simulate shortening-induced deactivation with good agreement with selected experimental measurements. The results suggest that the Hai–Murphy biochemical model neglects the strain rate effect on the kinetics of cross-bridge interactions with actin filaments in the isotonic contractions. The two-dimensional version and three-dimensional versions of the model are developed using the homogenization method under finite strain continuum mechanics framework. The two-dimensional constitutive model is used to simulate swine carotid media strips under electrical field stimulation, experimentally investigated by Singer and Murphy, and contraction of a hollow airway and a hollow arteriole buried in a soft matrix subjected to multiple calcium ion stimulations. It is found that the transverse deformation may have significant influence on the response of the swine carotid medium. In both cases, the orientation of the maximal value of attached myosin is aligned with the orientation of maximum principal stress.
  • The results below are discovered through our pilot algorithms. Let us know how we are doing!

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