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C. N. Williams; S. L. Cornford; T. M. Jordan; J. A. Dowdeswell; M. J. Siegert; C. D. Clark; D. A. Swift; A. Sole; I. Fenty; J. L. Bamber (2017)
Publisher: Copernicus Publications
Journal: The Cryosphere
Languages: English
Types: 0038
Subjects: GE1-350, QE1-996.5, Environmental sciences, Geology
Bed topography is a critical boundary for the numerical\ud modelling of ice sheets and ice–ocean interactions.\ud A persistent issue with existing topography products for the\ud bed of the Greenland Ice Sheet and surrounding sea floor is\ud the poor representation of coastal bathymetry, especially in\ud regions of floating ice and near the grounding line. Sparse\ud data coverage, and the resultant coarse resolution at the ice–\ud ocean boundary, poses issues in our ability to model ice\ud flow advance and retreat from the present position. In addition,\ud as fjord bathymetry is known to exert strong control\ud on ocean circulation and ice–ocean forcing, the lack\ud of bed data leads to an inability to model these processes\ud adequately. Since the release of the last complete Greenland\ud bed topography–bathymetry product, new observational\ud bathymetry data have become available. These data can be\ud used to constrain bathymetry, but many fjords remain completely\ud unsampled and therefore poorly resolved. Here, as\ud part of the development of the next generation of Greenland\ud bed topography products, we present a new method for constraining\ud the bathymetry of fjord systems in regions where\ud data coverage is sparse. For these cases, we generate synthetic\ud fjord geometries using a method conditioned by surveys\ud of terrestrial glacial valleys as well as existing sinuous\ud feature interpolation schemes. Our approach enables the capture\ud of the general bathymetry profile of a fjord in north-west\ud Greenland close to Cape York, when compared to observational\ud data. We validate our synthetic approach by demonstrating\ud reduced overestimation of depths compared to past\ud attempts to constrain fjord bathymetry. We also present an\ud analysis of the spectral characteristics of fjord centrelines using\ud recently acquired bathymetric observations, demonstrating\ud how a stochastic model of fjord bathymetry could be parameterised\ud and used to create different realisations.
  • The results below are discovered through our pilot algorithms. Let us know how we are doing!

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