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Plebani, Pierluigi; Cappiello, Cinzia; Comuzzi, Marco; Pernici, Barbara; Yadav, Sandeep (2012)
Languages: English
Types: Article
Subjects: QA75, T1
Mobile devices with their more and more powerful resources allow the development of mobile information systems in which services are not only provided by traditional systems but also autonomously executed and controlled in the mobile devices themselves. Services distributed on autonomous mobile devices allow both the development of cooperative applications without a back-end infrastructure and the development of applications blending distributed and centralized services. In this paper, we propose MicroMAIS: an integrated platform for supporting the execution of Web service-based applications natively on a mobile device. The MicroMAIS platform is composed of mAS and μ-BPEL. The former allows the execution of a single Web service, whereas the latter permits the orchestration of several Web services according to the WS-BPEL standard.
  • The results below are discovered through our pilot algorithms. Let us know how we are doing!

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