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Tribe, James; Oyeka, Dumtoochukwu; Batchelor, John C.; Kaur, Navjot; Segura-Velandia, Diana; West, Andrew; Kay, Robert; Vega, Katia; Whittow, Will (2015)
Publisher: Springer
Languages: English
Types: Part of book or chapter of book
Subjects: TK6570.M6, TK7871.6
This paper discusses the development of RFID logo antennas based on the logos of Loughborough University and the University of Kent which can be tattooed directly onto the skin’s surface. Hence, this paper uses aesthetic principles to create functional wearable technology. Simulations of possible designs for the tattoo tags have been carried out to optimize their performance. Prototypes of the tag designs were fabricated and read range measurements with the transfer tattoos on a volunteers arm were carried out to test the performance. Measured Read ranges of approximately 0.5 m have been achieved with the antenna 10 µm from the body.
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