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Stephens, D N; King, S L; Lambert, J J; Belelli, D; Duka, T (2017)
Publisher: Wiley
Languages: English
Types: Article
Subjects: B

Classified by OpenAIRE into

mesheuropmc: mental disorders
GABAA receptors form the major class of inhibitory neurotransmitter receptors in the mammalian brain. This review sets out to summarise the evidence that variations in genes encoding GABAA receptor isoforms are associated with aspects of addictive behaviour in humans, while animal models of addictive behaviour also implicate certain subtypes of GABAA receptor. In addition to outlining the evidence for the involvement of specific subtypes in addiction, we summarise the particular contributions of these isoforms in control over the functioning of brain circuits, especially the mesolimbic system, and make a first attempt to bring together evidence from several fields to understanding potential involvement of GABAA Receptor Subtypes in addictive behaviour. While the weight of the published literature is on alcohol dependency, the underlying principles outlined are relevant across a number of different aspects of addictive behaviour.
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    • others α4 nδ α6 nδ α6 n 2 α5 3 2 3 α2 n 1
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