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Fliess, Michel; Join, Cédric; Sira-Ramirez, Hebertt (2007)
Publisher: Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
Languages: English
Types: Article
Subjects: parametric identifiability, closed-loop fault tolerant control, [ INFO.INFO-AU ] Computer Science [cs]/Automatic Control Engineering, [ MATH.MATH-NA ] Mathematics [math]/Numerical Analysis [math.NA], Mathematics - Commutative Algebra, [ INFO.INFO-CE ] Computer Science [cs]/Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science [cs.CE], closed-loop state estimation, closed-loop parametric identification, differential algebra., Non-linear systems, numerical differentiation, Mathematics - Optimization and Control, [ MATH.MATH-AC ] Mathematics [math]/Commutative Algebra [math.AC], Computer Science - Performance, Computer Science - Numerical Analysis, [ MATH.MATH-OC ] Mathematics [math]/Optimization and Control [math.OC], Computer Science - Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science, closed-loop perturbation attenuation, [ INFO.INFO-PF ] Computer Science [cs]/Performance [cs.PF], closed-loop fault diagnosis, differential algebra, observability, Mathematics - Numerical Analysis
International audience; Non-linear state estimation and some related topics, like parametric estimation, fault diagnosis, and perturbation attenuation, are tackled here via a new methodology in numerical differentiation. The corresponding basic system theoretic definitions and properties are presented within the framework of differential algebra, which permits to handle system variables and their derivatives of any order. Several academic examples and their computer simulations, with on-line estimations, are illustrating our viewpoint.
  • The results below are discovered through our pilot algorithms. Let us know how we are doing!

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