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Ceresole, A.; D'Auria, R.; Regge, T. (1993)
Languages: English
Types: Preprint
Subjects: High Energy Physics - Theory

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arxiv: Mathematics::Algebraic Geometry, Mathematics::Symplectic Geometry
We present an efficient method for computing the duality group $\Gamma$ of the moduli space \cM for strings compactified on a Calabi-Yau manifold described by a two-moduli deformation of the quintic polynomial immersed in $\CP(4)$, $\cW={1\over5}(\iy_1^5+\cdots+\iy_5^5)-a\,\iy_4^3 \iy_5^2 -b\, \iy_4^2 \iy_5^3$. We show that $\Gamma$ is given by a $3$--dimensional representation of a central extension of $B_5$, the braid group on five strands.
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