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4Science and OpenAIRE

Blogpost by 4Science In January 2018, 4Science submitted a proposal to the OpenAIRE call for services for an implementation aimed at increasing the interoperability features supported by the most broadly used platforms in the Open Science ecosystem for...

Open Call Winner Phase 1 - 4Science

Topic #2: Enhance the quality of OpenAIRE Graph Are you a passionate DSpace/DSpace-CRIS manager or community member that needs to automatically make use of OpenAIRE Provide and Broker services? Then, this idea will make your professional life easier.

OpenAIRE ELD-Enrich Local Data via the OpenAIRE Graph

Read out how through an OpenAIRE open call fund, 4Science released two new services for the DSpace and DSpace-CRIS users and repository managers that support repositories to have richer content and users to claim their work.

OpenAIRE tender calls results!

can find a short description of the selected proposals: A. Repository tools and services Repository tools Organisation: 4Science Person in charge: Andra Bollini Funding: 24K Euros The Repository tools pilot by 4Science aims at increasing the...

OpenAIRE validator available for CRIS Systems

OpenAIRE is releasing the validation service for CRIS Systems. After the publication of the new OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers, in April will be possible to test the compatibility of DSpace-CRIS Systems against the guidelines through the...

An Update of the OpenAIRE CRIS-CERIF Implementation

national or regional CRIS.In both cases, important milestones were reached at the end of last year.On behalf of OpenAIRE, 4science has implemented the guidelines for DSpaceCRIS in versions 5 and 6 and tested them with three pilot institutions – Cyprus...

OpenAIRE Open Innovation call: meet the winners!

Discover the projects selected via the OpenAIRE Open Innovation Call, focusing on next-generation repositories technologies, the OpenAIRE Research Graph, and the OpenAIRE service portfolio.

Building innovative services on top of OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE has a unique graph of information on scholarly output, with a huge potential to be reused and exploited. Earlier this year, OpenAIRE launched a tender call for services to seek innovative ideas that will improve the OpenAIRE infrastructure...

CRISs as data providers to OpenAIRE: an update

devoted to system interoperability included presentations by METIS2OpenAIRE , Pure and Omega-PSIR . DSpace-CRIS and 4Science also took active part in the discussions, as recipients of a parallel OpenAIRE-funded project that includes OpenAIRE...

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