Services and Technology Standing Committee

The objective of the Services and Technologies Steering Committee is to provide the strategic framework necessary in order to define, assess, expand, maintain and improve the OpenAIRE services and enhance their interoperability with international, national, regional, and sub-regional services.


  1. Alen Vodopijevec, Ruđer Bošković Institute (Croatia)
  2. Raman Ganguly, University of Vienna (Austria) co-chair 
  3. Jens H. Aasheim, Unit (Norway)
  4. Najko Jahn, University of Göttingen (Germany)
  5. Andreas Czerniak, University of Bielefeld (Germany)
  6. Emmanuel Hadj, FECYT (Spain)
  7. Alfonso López, FECYT (Spain)
  8. Joaquín Tribaldos, FECYT (Spain)
  9. Bruno Marmol, CCSD-HAL (Couperin, France)
  10. Pedro Principe, UMinho (Portugal) chair 
  11. André Vieira, UMinho (Portugal)
  12. José Carvalho, UMinho (Portugal)
  13. Claudio Atzori, CNR (Italy)
  14. Miriam Baglioni, CNR (Italy)
  15. Alessia Bardi, CNR (Italy)
  16. Marek Horst, ICM (Poland)
  17. Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez, CERN (Switzerland)
  18. Camilla Lindelöw, National Library of Sweden (Sweden)
  19. Jochen Schirrwagen, UNIBI (Germany)
  20. Andrius Kriščiūnas, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
  21. Androniki Pavlidou, Athena RC (Greece)


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