Shaping the EOSC - Four new EOSC Interest Groups launched


The EOSC Secretariat project has launched four Interest Groups, and anyone interested in helping to shape the EOSC is welcome to join:

Following the links, you will find more information about the IGs. Each IG has a separate online forum for discussion with additional information on the specific scope, and some IGs already have set up a message for their community.

Why not join?

Joining an Interest Group is a good way to stay abreast of developments and to help build the EOSC.

Find out more:

You will find overall information about the EOSC Interest Groups at the following link:

Each IG is facilitated by a member of Please refer to the corresponding facilitator for further information on the specific IG:

  • EOSC Researcher Engagement and Use cases - facilitated by Bernd Saurugger
  • EOSC Service and Research Product Catalogues - facilitated by Andrea Mannocci
  • EOSC Federating Core - facilitated by Netsanet Haile G.
  • EOSC Glossary - facilitated by Donatella Castelli
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