Shaping the next generation of Open Science Platforms: Open call for Innovators!

OpenAIRE calls you to participate in its open innovation program that will shape new services through challenges.

OpenAIRE’s Open Innovation activities aim to attract innovation at all levels of the OpenAIRE e-Infrastructure: repository and publishing platforms, OpenAIRE services and value-added services using OpenAIRE data/content. Fresh business ideas and the formation of an innovation ecosystem would be the result of the combination of internal and external ideas. Future entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs will be the protagonists in this venture.

How it works?

To this goal, a set of Challenges has been defined and are open for discussion and feedback.

The Challenges identified are:

  • Future Repositories and impact metrics
  • Web Tools to showcase OpenAIRE content
  • Visualizations of OpenAIRE content/results for policy makers and researchers
  • Going beyond the journal impact factor to reflect the goodness of Open Science
  • Improving search of datasets and software in the OpenAIRE graph
  • Enhance OpenAIRE Monitoring tools
  • OpenAIRE for Journalism platform

Express your opinion on the Challenges

If you want to join our online Challenge debate you are kindly asked to Register here!

OpenAIRE will contact you in early 2019.

Stand up and share your views and aspects on OpenAIRE challenge(s) and take part in the shaping of the next OpenAIRE services. You are invited to focus on one or more challenges based on your own preferences, talents and creativity.

Who can participate?

If you are a current or future entrepreneur, a startup/SME, this program is for you!

Be an active participant and benefit from the networking and brainstorming session to shape new services or expand yours to fit within OpenAIRE and Open Science.

Join the Debate Session

For each challenge, you will have the chance to participate in the Debate Session consisting of three parts:

  1. Presentation of the Challenge (plenary session): Be informed on the challenge and the expected impact of it.
  2. Brainstorming, Discussion (group work/creative session): Exchange ideas and provide feedback. Grab the opportunity of networking among interdisciplinary participants and stimulate the emergence of ideas on how to address the Challenges.
  3. Conclusion (plenary session): Summarise the findings and general information given on future OpenAIRE activities.


If you have any questions or you would like further information, please contact Androniki Pavlidou,  

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