Showcasing the strength of the NOAD network

The OpenAIRE NOAD network represents an active force in many European countries to develop Open Science practices, services and policies at a national level. Below is a snapshot of some areas this busy network have been active in over the last few months and learn their first-hand experiences.
Actively empowering Open Science in Europe! Read on to discover some first-hand recent developments.

COVID-19: Synchronising efforts

Engaging experts. NOADs are currently working as facilitators to enable national level discussions around COVID-19 research developments. Our NOAD in  Greece, for example, has been giving active guidance and sharing best practices related research data by holding a webinar to understand better national level engagement, activate working groups and help suggest relevant tools and processes to gather relevant information.

National level Open Science developments

Open Science is a fairly new concept in  Israel, where the Israel Science Foundation is working hard for its implementation with different stakeholders by setting up a publishing gateway to publish research in a FAIR and transparent way, moving away from the Journal Impact Factor.

Serving Researchers

Other initiatives have been carried out, either in developing services in universities to better serve the researchers needs, as reported by our Serbia NOAD, or even through the empowerment of different stakeholders in specific areas, such as Research Data Management, in which Portugal shares its experience on essentials RDM training for researchers. 

Scholarly Communication

Our NOADs are often at the centre of scholarly communication developments, take the example of France, where our OpenAIRE representative was instrumental in a vast survey of researchers to discover attitudes to Open Access, which discloses an overarching appreciation for the value of pre-prints and less of an appreciation for rising APC costs, recognising the green route might be the best way forward if made easy and straightforward. 

Funding OS at national level

In Austria, the University of Vienna has been contributing to efforts to provide funds to support the development of projects on behalf of Open Science as it is shown via their recent blog.
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Last updated on 30 April 2020.
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