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OpenAIRE AMKE strategy & action lines towards our mission for an Open Scholarly Communication system.


This strategy is of key importance to our organisation. On the one hand, it helps our members converge on a joint action plan in their respective countries and communities. On the other, it assists our office team in allocating resources to support the infrastructure, service offerings and outreach.

Inge Van Nieuwerburgh

Chair, OpenAIRE AMKE Executive Board

Strategy for change

OpenAIRE has been operating as an e-Infrastructure provider for Open Scholarly Communication since 2009 and was established as a non-profit organisation in 2018. This first strategy document is the result of the work put forward by members of the OpenAIRE Standing Committee on Open Science Strategies and brings the collective knowledge and commitments from OpenAIRE members.

It presents 5 strategic priorities on what the OpenAIRE community wants to tackle, and describes how OpenAIRE infrastructure, both its human network and ICT services, can support or evolve to serve these priorities.

Strategic Priorities

Towards an effective & Open Scholarly Communication ecosystem

With digital and data intensive science in the forefront, all types of resources are in the open to be shared. Interoperability, quality assurance, and innovation in publishing need to be embedded into the Open Scholarly Communication ecosystem to bring clarity and trust. Tracking for assessment and monitoring for uptake are key into understanding and shifting the system towards an openness that is agreed by all actors.

    Action Lines

    Five concrete lines of action for implementing our goals in terms of SERVICES-TRAINING-POLICIES.

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