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OpenAIRE coffee break on e-accessibility

It’s all about the tools!

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Date(s): 07 June 2023

Tim Berners-Lee once said, “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” Yes, well, but why is much of the data on the web still not accessible to people with disabilities? Some might blame a lack of knowledge by authors of content, which may be compensated by training. But actually, authoring tools turn out to be a major culprit, as long as research data like tables or forms for data collection cannot usually be created accessible with common office tools.

Andreas Jeitler, responsible for Accessibility Services at Klagenfurt University Library, and Susanne Blumesberger, an academic librarian at the University of Vienna,  discuss e-accessibility tools. 

open science | policy | repository

  • Andreas Jeitler is responsible for Accessibility Services at Klagenfurt University Library and supports the implementation of accessibility and equality for people with disabilities in this context. As a computer scientist and media and communication scientist, he teaches and publishes in the fields of accessible information and communication technologies and disability studies.

    Susanne Blumesberger is the Head of the Austria-wide working group "Accessibility in Libraries" and a founder and coordinator of the Network for Repository Managers. She has a Ph.D. in Media and Communication Studies and German Studies at the University of Vienna and has been working as an academic librarian and a lecturer at the University of Vienna. From 1999-2014, she was a Coordinator and Principal Investigator of several scientific research projects at the Institute for Science and Art, Vienna. Since 2007 she's been involved in the Phaidra Repository Management at the University of Vienna and since 2016 she is the Head of the Phaidra Department. She focuses on Cultural Heritage issues, e-Learning and Research Data and she is a co-editor of the Journal "libri liberorum". 

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