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OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers: National and Regional CRIS

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Date(s): 19 April 2023

20230419 OPENAIRE CRIS GuidelinesWebinar 1

Joint Webinar organised by OpenAIRE and EuroCRIS focusing on how CRIS Systems can be compliant with OpenAIRE Guidelines as well as on the workflow to register in OpenAIRE.

This webinar provided a follow-up to the Oct 5th, 2022 session on the same topic. The April 19th specifically targeted national and regional CRIS systems, including brief presentations on the procedures followed and the lessons learnt by national-level initiatives who have already managed to become OpenAIRE-compliant such as VIRTA in Finland and FRIS from Belgium.

Institutional CRIS managers may also be interested to join, since the workflows for CRIS registration and to set up the OAI-PMH endpoint that will allow the CRIS to be harvested by OpenAIRE are largely common. These was discussed with the OpenAIRE colleagues at the University of Bielefeld who are currently providing technical support to interested parties in this domain.

WHEN: April 19th, 11:30 - 12:30 CEST


  • Introduction
  • Guidelines
  • On-going projects and lessons learned
  • Discussion
  • Closing

  • Pablo de Castro, euroCRIS secretariat and board member

    Joonas Nikkanen, CSC FAIRdata team and product owner of

    Tom Wuyts, FRIS analyst and scrum master

    Andreas Czerniak, Bielefeld University Library and OpenAIRE technical team - data source aggregation and integration