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In today’s publishing landscape there are several paths to Open Access (OA) publishing. A common and much discussed way of financing OA publishing is through Article Processing Charges (APC). However, over the recent years, several alternatives have been developed that do not rely on APCs. Consortia models, community-driven approaches, funder financed platforms etc. This is a path often overlooked.

Previously OpenAIRE launched two calls to fund non-author fee based open access publishing initiatives. The results of which you can find here for the 1st call and here for the 2nd call.
Under OpenAIRE Advance, we aim to continue this effort and showcase the range of models available (including organizational aspects),  assess their relative strengths and weaknesses, conduct cross-disciplinary analyses of their efficacy in different academic contexts ,and carry out knowledge-sharing activities to promote best practice and encourage experimentation. Particular focus is thereby given to consortia models, as well as sustainability models, cost sharing and different disciplinary approaches.

An interactive learning opportunity for Non-APC based publishers and fora

To continue the efforts of OpenAIRE to provide support to alternative business models making scientific outcomes openly available, we’re organizing an interactive workshop based on input from our participants. We invite journal, book publishers and librarians supporting non-APC publishing initiatives to present their case, brainstorm about common themes provided by SWOT analyses, showcase the range of different models and collaborate on a best practice guide, including a roadmap to sustainability.

The OpenAIRE Sustainable Non-APC Publishing Models Workshop aims to assist publishing initiatives and libraries alike. The aim of the workshop is to be participatory in the true sense of the word, topics and themes will largely be decided on by the input provided by participants. We therefore ask for a SWOT analysis or to outline your expertise to give us insights how you can contribute to the workshop.

The final goal is that the work carried out under this initiative may eventually benefit all APC-free Open Access journal publishers trough:

  • Assessing relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Conducting cross-disciplinary analyses of efficacy in different academic contexts,
  • Providing a Roadmap to sustainability through best practice examples and suggestions
  • Promoting best practice through knowledge-sharing activities
  • Helping define mechanisms for funding non-APC models

You can contribute to the workshop by:

  • Providing a SWOT analysis of the non-APC business model you are involved in
  • Contribute to the roadmap on the second day of the workshop
  • Contribute to the discussion and working groups

Because this will be a highly participatory workshop with a limited number of participants, please express your interest and indicate how you can contribute to this important topic. After receiving your expression of interest and additional information (e.g. SWOT, etc), we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Practical information


Day 1 : 26 February 2019

09.00 – 10.00


10.00 - 10.30   

Welcome and introduction

Theme 1:  setting up a non-APC publishing initiative

10.30 - 10.45    

Standup, Startup, Scaleup - Creating your own Business Model

Prof. Dr. Sabrina Backs - Bielefeld University

10.45 - 11.00    

Presentation of use case

Sebastian Nordhoff - Language Science Press

11.00 - 11.10    

Coffee break

11.10 - 12.00     

breakout groups - setting up a non-APC publishing initiative

12.10 - 12.30  

wrap up

12.30 - 13.30    


Theme 2:  Sustainability and scaling

13.30 - 13.45   

Presentation on sustainability and transparency

Solveig Wikstrøm - Unit / NOJSSH

13.45 - 14.00   

Presentation on sustainability and scalability

Kamran Naim - Annual Review

14.00 - 14.50   

breakout groups - Sustainability and scaling

14.50 - 15.10   

wrap up      

15.10 - 15.25   

coffee break

Theme 3:  Funding

15.25 - 15.40    

Presentation on Non-APC funding models.

Alexander Kohls - SCOAP3/CERN

15.40 - 16.55    

Presentation on pro and cons of current models

Tom Mosterd - Knowledge Unlatched

16.55 - 17.40   

breakout group – Funding


17.40 - 18. 00    

wrap up - end day 1


Day 2 : 27 February 2019

09.00 -  10.30   

Role of funders and policy in non-APC models.

Panel discussion:

·         Jon Flæten (NRC/Taskforce S) (cancelled)

·         Alicia Wise (Information Power/Plan S)

·         Lennart Stoy (EUA)

·         Jadranka Stojanovski (HRCAK/MorePress)


10.30 - 10.45    

Coffee break   


10.45 - 12.00   

Breakout Group Session - based on questions/statement/issues

  • Defining mechanisms for funding non-APC models


12.00 - 13.00    


13.00 - 14.45   

Breakout Group Session - based on question/statement/issues

  • Roadmap to sustainability through best practice examples and suggestions: structure, contributions, and more.

14.45 - 15.00   

Wrap up and end of workshop